I work on scheduling problems at Apple. I help improving an internal cloud batch systems that supports the creation of amazing things.

Until Spring 2018, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Data Science and Technology department, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. During that time, I contributed to ScienceSearch, an engine that provides search capabilities across scientific datasets by utilizing machine learning to extract data semantics from the surrounding meta-data.

I received my PhD in Computing Science in 2017 after four years divided between Umeå University and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Right after, I joined the Berkeley Lab full time as a postdoc. In other episodes of my life, I had the chance to intern in Google (2014), work as a Fiber-To-The-Home R&D engineer (Telnet Redes Inteligntes 2008-2012), and co-found an on-line gaming company (Omepet 2004-2008).