2018-now: Software Systems Engineer at Apple

Working on scheduling problems at an internal cloud infrastructure.

2014: Software Engineering intern at Google

Cluster management group in Mountain View CA. Work performed on data intensive workflows auto-scaling. Supervised by J. Wilkes

2008-2012:FTTx R&D Manager at Telnet-Labs, Zaragoza, Spain

Founded in 1994, Telnet Redes Inteligentes designs and produces telecommunication solutions for optical data transport, FTTx access, fiber optic cables and mobile fractal antennas for BTSs. Starting its GPON activity in 2008, it became a reference for GPON expertise in the world, developing the GPON Doctor solution and other GPON products.


FTTx Product and Team Management, design, specification and development of all GPON active equipment at Telnet-RI. Special work on GPON Doctor software: A protocol analyzer
GPON Reference contact: Protocol standard analysis, software development, embedded software customization, GPON interoperability research, GPON Consultancy and contribution in ITU/BBF GPON interoperability meetings.

Key accomplishments

Development of the first commercial version of GPON Doctor (http://www.gpondoctor.com) in a remarkable time: 9 months: Software development (100%) and system integration.
Project development with FTTx R&D departments of international operators and vendors.
Contribution to the ITU-T G.987.3 standard (XGPON) and ITU-T. G.984.3 standard (GPON).
Patent on PON optical certification systems (PCT/ES2012/070179).
Creation of the R&D GPON team and product line at Telnet: Test and access.

R&D Experience

Networking related: ITU-T G.984.x GPON standard, ITU-T G.987.x X-GPON, BBForum TR-156, Carrier Ethernet, Interoperability testing, telecommunication equipment specification, design and development; fiber optics and transport network architecture. Protocol analysis techniques.
CS related: C, C#, Linux embedded systems, Windows embedded systems, abstract languages interpretation, real time data processing and systems simulation.

2004-2008: Co-founder and Technical Manager OF Omepet SL, Zaragoza, Spain.

Omepet was an advergaming start-up specialized in highly sophisticated online games, java mobile games and wireless content distributions systems. As a pioneer in the Spanish game/advertising market, it established a set of clear concepts around the Marketing 2.0 in 2005: Creating free high quality games to attract users and promote ideas and associated content.


Co-founder and technical manager: lead of product design and technology research.
Developer: creating online games engines, java mobile frameworks and heterogeneous systems mix-ups.
Systems administrator of Omepet’s service server infrastructure.

Key accomplishments

Full design and development of the Hidalgo Platform during 2005: an Action Script 2.0 client engine, server infrastructure and scripting language for graphic adventure games (Monkey Island flavor). Completely online, the first game based on this engine was: Sancho’s Island, a fun recreation of the adventures of Sancho Panza and his partner, Don Quijote. Achieving a critical success, it reached a peak of 10,000 (In November 2005) visits per day after 3 months online, appearing in national TV and newspapers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv3Yklu0bHY&NR=1, http://elpais.com/diario/2005/12/22/ciberpais/1135220544_850215.html
Creation of a young, yet highly qualified, team of game development professionals covering various technical disciplines.
In 2011, bringing back to live the Hidalgo Engine to support an education initiative funded by the European Commission to improve learning through games. Role as a developer in the SELEAG European project (http://gilt.isep.ipp.pt/seleag/). Started an initiative to turn the engine in an open source project.

R&D Experience

Game development, online content development, Adobe Flash, Action Script 2.0, Action Script 3.0, PHP, SQL, Go, C, C++, C#, J2EE, J2ME, J2SE, Advanced Linux administration, Apache/PHP/MySQL customization and tuning, Bluetooth development.