WoAS, Workflow Aware System (Slurm): Scheduling plug-in for Slurm to support workflow aware jobs, i.e. a new way run static workflows with fine grained resource allocation without long turnaround times. Fork of the SLURM project. Project lead. Download

ScSF, a Scheduling Simulation Framework: Tool set to perform scheduling research including workload modeling, generation, analysis, and HPC system simulation (based on Slurm). Includes an orchestration layer to deploy current simulations over distributed resources. Project lead. Download

Docker containers for data transfer applications: Collection of docker “recipes” to ease deployment of scientific data transfer applications, developed during volunteering work in SCinet: Globus Connect Server, Grid-ftp+Jupyter, and a Jupyter notebook to monitor file transfers (github).

QDO (kew-doo): a lightweight high-throughput queuing system for workflows that have many small tasks to perform. Contributor.

qdo webserver: A rest API to execute QDO remotely on a yet more remote server through NEWT or SSH. Main contributor.

sremote: Simple remote is a python library to run python code remotely: simple, deploys the code itself, and the communication channel can be anything that allows copy/read files and command line execution. Includes a NEWT and SSH connectors. Owner.